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Winners 2020 August Edition

Best short


Directed by Mehmet Demirli

Gizem is a young woman who lives by the rules society (inflicted upon) her. She works at office by day and at home by night. Upon seeing parts of her life in a dream, she questions her life and (tries to find an answer/searches a way out).

best short film Awakening.jpg

Best feature


Directed by Nikola Bozadzhiev

This is a story of impossible love, seen through the eyes of an unexpected character - the incarnated soul of the main character - his horse.

The second half of the 19th Century. Because of the weakened power of the central Ottoman government, Bulgaria has fallen prey to disorder, robbery and violent outrage.

Skill and bravery turn a local brigand, named Shibil, into a threat to the authorities and a legend among young men. A reward is proclaimed for Shibil’s head

During harvest, Shibil meets Rada, the daughter of Veliko Kehaya, the richest merchant in the area and they fall in love with each other.

In order to demonstrate his loyalty to the Ottoman government, Veliko Kekhaya devises an unheard of trap for Shibil – using his own daughter as bait.

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best documentary

Passport Preachers

Directed by Alejandro DeHoyos

Witness the adventure of christian evangelists as they risk everything to follow the word God has spoken to them, no matter where that may lead.
Travel with us and see first hand the healing of the sick, heartfelt salvations, and riveting deliverance of possessed people from the jungles of India to the slums of Africa.

Best Documentary.jpg

Best experimental

Like, Comment, Subscribe Chinese Virus

Directed by Candice Jiang

Like, Comment, Subscribe Chinese Virus follows the director's perspective and conversations with other Gen Z diasporic Chinese women while being in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Best psycho thriller

Darkness of Otherwhere

Directed by Ayoub Qanir

A young woman gets emotionally caught in a voyeuristic game on the dark shades of Tokyo only to reveal a darker past of her own.

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Best narrative

Directed by Janne Lindrum

Encompassing war, betrayal, jealousy, court-room drama, dixie-land jazz and the highs and lows of competitive sport on the world stage, Lindrum: The Uncrowned King will leave you spellbound.


Best inspirational 


Directed by Zhu Qing

This film is based on the 2011 Xinmin Weekly's long report "the truth of Chinese children's beggars". through the death of two children and the fall of one child, the film explores the theme of whether life is important or dignity is important, and calls out: the greatest evil in the world is to deprive children of their dignity, which is the root of social degeneration. It's not a children's film. It's for adults. Children are also dignified. the children's roles and some adult roles in this film are performed by plain people, trying to pursue the plain and documentary style. 

angel of beggars-poster.jpg

Best student


Directed by Katie Lai

Inspired by an Asian myth, the red thread of fate means that people who are destined to fall in love are tied together by a red thread around the pinky finger. This is a story about Cory, who after a heartbroken break up, starts to see a red thread tied to his pinky finger. On his journey to find his “true love” by following the thread, he finds the thread tangled with different people. As he untangles the knots that connects him to other people, will he finally find “the one”? The happy ending he’s been looking for?


Best actor

 Zhang Zhicheng for 'Angel of Beggars'

Best actress

Zhu Qing for 'Angel of Beggars'

Best director

Nikola Bozadzhiev for 'SHIBIL'


Stefan Vrachev for 'SHIBIL'


Director ZHU QING 


Director Anna Dalmay


Director Alexander Ivanov 


Director Ajuan Isaac-George

Director Hyojin Yoon 


Directors Janine Piguet 


Director Sediq Haci Xalid 

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